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Thread: Which 300WM

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    Which 300WM

    Ok so it looks like if everything goes to plan ill be lucky enough to get a 300WM granted for deer and foxing (just waiting on land clearance). The point of this rifle is to tick all boxes when it comes to travelling around the world and for when the boar makes it way further across the boarder on to my permissions all though I will need to send in for a variation at that point.

    Now which rifle as I have been looking at the Steyr Mannlicher Classic Half Stock as Sportmans do a combo deal with scope and mod for 1,579.99 which seems not a bad go, or should I pick up something in the 2nd hand market?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1,579.99 which seems not a bad go, or should I pick up something in the 2nd hand market?

    Thanks in advance.[/QUOTE]

    There is a Mauser M03 300WM on gun trader uk bit of a bargain. I have the africa model and its a great bit of kit.

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    There is a Blaser R93 on here for about that... Says it's never been fired.
    No connection to me.

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    I have a Blaser .300 Win Mag and would be very hard pushed to use anything else,especially when I go to Africa.
    i take game at 300 yards+ no problem with 1 shot kills.



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    Was thinking you could pick up an R93 Blaser for that sort of money.

    Stock shape and fit gets to be very important when you get to 300 mag and up.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I wills second the Blaser. I have 2 barrels in 300WM, a Sporter and a Semi Weight. Both are as accurate as you like and most times shot with a muzzle brake or without. Tried a Mod for the first time this recoil and accurate as you like. I use Blasers own brand CDP ammunition, 165 grain.

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