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Thread: To be a basc a.w. You will have to join basc

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    To be a basc a.w. You will have to join basc

    Just had a nice letter from BASC saying that if i want to continue as an AW on the BASC register then i will have to join BASC.

    Now the insurance does not cover professional stalkers/keepers whilst doing there job or with guests and will cost the AW 66 to join BASC

    Now the SGA insurance covers everything at a cost of 35.
    Now is it just me being a skint flint or should those that it is aimed at have to pay over 100 for the title of AW just to make sure your insurance is on the ball or is it BASC yet agaian moving the goal posts to suit them
    From this little episode it will effect 30% of BASC AW`S

    your views on this please guys
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    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    So buy joining BACS does this turn you from a plan old AW to a BASC AW. Will you be higher up the food chain and get more work. Or is it a way of recruiting new members as their numbers are falling.


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    More like a way of extorting more money out of people, its not like they don't charge enough as it is!

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    I have become very disillusioned by BASC as a whole, and as such moved to the SGA this year.
    Prior to moving I felt that I was being fleeced and getting little value for money. . . this just appears to be another idea to get more money into the fine wine and caviar pot.
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    oooooo thats another low blow by BASC!!!

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    If you want to be on a BASC scheme, then it stands to reason that you should be a member, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    If you want to be on a BASC scheme, then it stands to reason that you should be a member, no?
    I thought it was a DMQ Scheme?

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    Just got the same letter in today.

    I was an AW through BASC as that was the assessment centre, nothing to do with membership!

    I have just joined SACS, so I don't see why I should join BASC!

    If you are on the AW list, you are on the list. The list is for AWs and nothing to do with BASC other than that they are contracted by DMQ to do the work!

    I will either go to a diferent Assessment Centre or jack it in! Fair enough if I were an AW for comercial reasons,

    I'm not!

    I don't think that I should pay BASC for the privelage of doing voluntary work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I too thought it was a DMQ scheme that and although they share the same office as BASC they were separate bodies. When I was offered a place on the briefing for AWs it was either at BDS in Hampshire or BASC at Marford Mill. There was not much in it as far as travel was concerned so I just opted for the first date and that was BASC.
    i would be just a little annoyed if the goalposts have moved. I guess I would just change to the BDS, but I will wait for my letter first.

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    The reason you attach yourself to a particular group be it BASC, BDS, Forestry Commission Sparsholt or any of the others is so that you have somebody to be accountable to and they take responsibility for you and your conduct as an AW. It makes sense that you are a member of the organisation. Are you a member of the BDS? Why don't you go through them?

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