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Thread: Brno 502.4

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    Brno 502.4

    Am looking for a mount for the above combo. Any ideas would be great.

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    Thanks for that. Shall give them a try. I do have a source but getting payment to them is proving a little complicated.

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    I'm in love with the thought of that,,,,is it always a 12g/.222 combo? what would you use it for? fox?

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    I use it as a truck gun. Take it everywhere with me on the farm. Its brilliant. Mainly I use it for winged game but on occasion other stuff pops its head up. The flexibility of a combination in such circumstances is well worth having.

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    you shoot that with a wee scope on then?

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    Use it with iron sights at the moment, hence the post.

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    Edger's keep them in stock, from memory I paid 85 for the base, and about 35 for the rings.
    The rings come in the usual 1 inch or 30mm in various heights.
    Once the base has been adjusted to your gun, and you get used to applying the same pressure to the locking leavers
    the zero is maintained well enough for the scope to be carried separately, takes less than 20 seconds to re-fit when needed.


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