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Thread: Level 2 Witnesses - N.E.Scotland

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    Level 2 Witnesses - N.E.Scotland

    Hi All,

    I have a friend living just below Aberdeen who is registered for his Level 2 but is finding it difficult to make contact with credible or accredited witnesses.

    Does anyone know of any witnesses in N E Scotland. He is lucky enough to have access to good roe ground and would be prepared to travel and/or pay fuel/fees to anyone who could act as a witness.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    If he has received his pack up, he will find a list of witnesses. From there he can make contact with the witnesses in his area.

    I can help out if he requires. It will need to be on his ground. You can pm me for details if required.

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    Thanks jingzy,

    I'll have a chat with him later today and pm you.


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    Hi, Are you still looking to do your ICRs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by harry308 View Post
    Hi, Are you still looking to do your ICRs.

    I'd like to think he has completed it, first post was May 2009......Time will be tight now if he's still looking assuming he had just registered at the time of post.


    PS, You should follow site rules and do a little intro........Welcome.
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    We have 6 AWs in the Buchan & District DMG......
    All are listed in the pack he should have recieved along with his paperwork.
    PM me if you need some names and numbers
    PS Happy new year Jingsy & TJ

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    there is a level 2accredited witness in montrose

    he is on here too.. occasionally

    pm me if you want me to pass on your details

    sauer /paul

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