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Thread: S&B valuation

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    S&B valuation

    I have a S&B 4-12x42 (German) 30mm tube with No.4 reticule in the 2nd plane
    it doesn't have a box but is in great nick

    I was going to stick it on my .222 and still may but on the off chance I might consider selling it was wondering what it would be worth

    it is an unusual combination of zoom, tube and reticule/plane and I cant find another like it

    any thoughts?

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    Is it defo a 4-12? I've never seen one like that before. Seen the 3-12x42 30mm German. Is your scope an older model not produced anymore?

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    yes and yes (i am guessing)

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    no ideas?

    more? Less?

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    having seen it I'd say it's deffo an interesting scope. personally I'd want no less than £400 to see it go. I think the 2nd focal plane is particlularly popular with those shooting larger game at longer ranges where the 1st focal plane thin ret just gets lost on the body of the quarry as you reach out to say 300yds+.

    You might get a lot of interest from US buyers if you put it on ebay or on gunbroker.

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    Might be worth chatting to JagerSa?
    Schmidt & Bender 4-12x42 "SOLD"

    Schmidt and Bender 4-12x42 with new balistic turret fitted by S&B.
    30mm tube, German no4 ret, in top condition, no ring marks, lenses unmarked.
    The scope was serviced by S&B at the same time the turret was fitted.

    £725 ONO posted.

    Pics to follow.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    yes, I think it might!


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    Sold one about 4 years ago with a few scratches and plenty of wear. Struggled to get £275 for it. Lots of used scope sellers are greedy now in my opinion.

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    that doesnt make sense you could get over that for a decent looking 6x42 S&B.
    conditions is everything though

    any variable is going to be worth more
    sellers don't dictate the price the market does. if I price it too high it wont sell, I then have to bring the price down and am already selling something that looks like no-one wants it and will undoutedly have to drop it again.

    having tried to sell mint condition scopes at the wrong price in the past and ended up taking the hit as you are always discounting.

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    It is more tricky based on the fact that it is the only S&B (other then the PM2 range) that I have heard of having the ret in the second focal plane.

    If it was as every other S&B (other than PM2) variable and is in mint condition, I would say around the £500-600 mark.

    Having the ret in the second focal plane I would say it is more desirable than the "normal" S&B variables.

    The main thing working against you is the objective size. 42mm is not in vogue these days although nothing wrong with it at all.

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