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Thread: Tikka T3 Trigger Spring

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    Tikka T3 Trigger Spring

    Im polishing my trigger sears etc for my T3. However i also want to lower the release pressure! does anyone know where i can get lighter trigger springs from?


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    It is adjustable with the correct sized allen key down to 2lb. I imagine any lighter would be dangerous.

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    na still to heavy, it should be able to get to 1lb while still being safe!

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    got mine on e bay pal ,just checked and there still on there

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    Ive just looked and are they the ones from canada?

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    uk gun works do one got one fit to my t3 sound think it was 4 hope this helps

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    Cheers for the input guys.

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    How far can you safely wind the little grub screw out on the tikka trigger assembly so that it is at its lowest presure but not about to fall out?

    It seems that it has some sort of blue 'thread lock' on it from the factory. I have reduced the pressure on mine but am wondering if i can go a bit further still. If any one knows how much thread needs to be left in, then let me know please.


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    on mine you cant withdraw it too far as it binds with the machine screw that hold the trigger to the action.

    The max i would say is 2 threads deap in. ie take the grub screw out and wind it back in so that 2 threads are fully in. Ensure that threadlock is applied to prevent it undoing! which will be dangerous.

    p.s thats the max i would do but im not saying in anyway its the correct amount. as they say "on your head be it"

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    This will do the job perfectly Mildot.

    I have one on my T3 and it transformed it!

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