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Thread: Rifles in cars

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    Rifles in cars

    How do people secure their rifles in their cars. Is Bratton the only firm to make a gun safe for cars. Are there any other ways to secure guns apart from a gun case?

    thanks for your help.

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    It depends what you are doing I guess, but reasonable precautions would mean removing bolt and ammo and leaving the firearm out of sight, car locked and alarmed. Only people I've known with safes in vehicles are FC rangers and some (not many) professional stalkers.

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    Not as secure as a cabinet but you can run a wire rope through the action and padlock it to part of the car.

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    You don't need to secure a rifle in a safe in the car. But you must take reasonable precautions to prevent its theft.
    I always transport mine out of sight in the pickup cab, bolt removed in a pouch on my belt, magazine, ammunition & FAC hidden within the cab & not together. If I stop off for a bite to eat I will always park so that I can see the vehicle or use a drive through.

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    Security cord , but should be placed where gun can't be seen, ideally fixing point should have a weld so that it can't simply be unbolted.

    Really depends on how often you leave a gun in your car also the type of car, if you leave guns in the car in a regular basis then you should think of a gun safe or security cord.

    If you have a car with a boot then that is considered adequate by most forces as it is separate from the main body of the car and lockable.

    Estate cars, hatchbacks and 4x4s are more of a problem as guns should not be left in a vehicle where access to them could be gained by simply breaking the glass.

    But really it depends on the circumstances.

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    Download the Napier catalogue and check out page 31 of 60.
    They have a rifle slip that is designed for the purpose, think it's called the protector security.
    Works fine.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingy View Post
    If I stop off for a bite to eat I will always park so that I can see the vehicle or use a drive through.
    i done this once when i was keepering very tired just wanted a bite to eat so down to the drive through only problem i totaly forgot the .22 was proped up against the passenger seat never twigged at window 1 even with the young lads funny looks at me and didnt twig at window 2 when collecting my food until the third person including the manager came up to the window pearing into my landy and wispering to each other all i could do was throw a coat over it when they looked away and beat a haisty retreat as soon as i got my food

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    I use the Deerhunter security cable through the action and then secure to the frame of the vehicle.This cable is long enough to have the gun in a slip and have the cable coming out the slip passed the stock.Also handy in hotel rooms etc when away from home.

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    Masterlock python cable is good. The end is thin enough to thread through most actions and round a seat bracket or secure fixing point in the car.

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    Thanks guys this is really helpful. I have a defender 90 and the only way I could fit a safe is straight down the middle of the rear as the baulk head was in the way. Something the dog would hate as he couldn't lie down comfortably (don't laugh). Like the sound of the Napier sling, will look into them also welding securing points to the rear cab, although I guess it could go around the tubular baulk head as the rifle fits across behind the seats.


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