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Thread: New (to me) 7mm rem mag

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    New (to me) 7mm rem mag

    Finally got to pick up my 7mm rem mag sunday.
    Just like to thank tikka 2506 for driving down to meet up,(top man) and to say the rifle shoots as well as he said it would. Cant wait to load up some 175grs and see what it can do with them.
    Due to some delays at the fire arms dept The sika stag stalking in Kerry will have to wait until next year, but Im Looking forward to going over during the xmas hols for some hinds and hopefully some goats as well.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Cracking calibre, one of my favourites. Enjoy

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    Excellent caliber choice, probably one of the most versatile rounds out there. I've owned 2 over the years , plenty of power, flat trajectory(I prefered 160 gr bullets myself) and reasonable recoil.It will do anything you need.

    Congrats & good hunting AB

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    Thanks lads.
    Got a load of factory(federal and norma) 150grs with the rifle to use up on the does/hinds. BK kindly gave me some 175gr bullets to reload, as Ive booked an outing with Colin/solway stalker on boar in the new year.
    happy days
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Sinbad, i doubt there is an animal in the UK that you would want to use a 175 on in a 7 mm mag. The 175 tend to be pretty stiff unless you get a RN designed for 7 x 57 applications. 140 - 162 SPs are my choice for similiar game - sika, reds, sambar.

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    i use 120 g noslers in mine for fox roe vermin devistating drop on the spot 160for long rainge stuff good round is the 7mm rem mag will drop eney thing eney where to one shot if you load it right use slow powder h1000 or h8431sc mag primers and a good head and your of to a good start lots of reloading stuff on the internet enjoy

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    Thanks for the advise MS, wraith.
    I was going to try the 175gr nosler partions out and save them for boar if the rifle likes them.
    I will also be trying out the RNs as well. I can see a lot of happy times playing about with loads for this one.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    It was nice to meet you and your friend, I hope you get a chance to christen the rifle soon. Keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on.

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    The 175 Partition would serve you proud on the boar.

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    Have previously shot quite a few sambar with Win factory 175`s....killers! I cant get them in Win now and thus usually use 150 Grain Wins. Put one of them into a sambar stag shoulder side on and he`s dead!

    I have found that the partitions can be a bit too hard and will ( have done) zip through sambar out of the 7mm and my 300..yes they kill but imo not as well as the factory wins, perhaps on a big old boar with 2 inches of hard and dry mud on his shoulder might be different though.
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