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Thread: Cold Room for sale 2.4m x 2.4m

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    Cold Room for sale 2.4m x 2.4m

    Used Cold Room for sale 400. Does not include any refridgeration unit.

    External measurements:

    2.4m square and 2.0m high

    With floor.

    Old but perfectly usable. Can be cut about if you want a smaller one.

    Easy to dismantle and put up. I have just cut about and installed a similar one in my garage at home. I bought a new Zanotti monobloc chiller unit from

    It is currently located at Mildenhall, Suffolk. I will help dismantle and load.

    Pictures uploaded see below for explanantion

    Attachment 20656Attachment 20660Attachment 20657Attachment 20658Attachment 20659
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    Do you have any photos by any chance?

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    I'm taking some photos today. Should upload this evening.

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    The cold room was taken out of a hospital where it was used to store food according to labels on shelves. The internal shelves come with it. It is stored in a unit but is obviously dusty. The remains of the original refridgeration unit is attached to the room on left of door. It looks to me as if it can be taken off. In any case another panel plus any other necessary bits will be provided in case you need to remove whole panel. Priced to sell as space needed.

    Regards David

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    It would be cheaper just to replace the missing bits of the original chiller than replace it with a modular unit.
    Modular unit 1000
    Repair 600.
    Sorry did not mean to hijack your sale just trying to be helpfull.
    I take it that is the evaporator on the right hand side of the door.
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    If there are any useful bits in the store the buyer can have them. I must admit that I havent got any idea as to what they are!

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