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Thread: Rivers West Quality issues?

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    Unhappy Rivers West Quality issues?

    Dear all,

    Is it just me or has anyone else had issues with the quality of thier Rivers West products?

    It's nothing too serious but one of the poppers has pulled though the fabric, seemingly not having been secured properly. I had heard such good things of them that I bought, with no qualms, a Ranger Jacket & trousers.

    I am awaiting a response from them on this matter but must admit to being a little disappointed.


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    I bought my R.W jacket in Newfoundland 3 years ago and it is still great. I really rate it. I believe the guarantee is as long as any in the garment trade, I'd be interested to hear how R.W's U.K dealers back it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longlowdog View Post
    I believe the guarantee is as long as any in the garment trade, I'd be interested to hear how R.W's U.K dealers back it up.
    10yr waterproof guarantee on the fabric and 1yr warranty on any other issues.

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    Ive never owned any Rivers West garments but when I bought my Stoney Creek jackets this summer I was well warned of Rivers West as I ws looking at their kit at the same time.


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    Well I emailed the vendor and Rivers West on Wednesday and have yet to hear anything from them, not even a acknoledgement email. I still rate the trousers highly, and think that the popper pulling through could happen on any jacket, but the silence on this matter from the makers and vendor is deafening.


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    Well, I heard from Rivers West this morning and they want the jacket back. Apparantly sometimes this has happened in the past, but they say they will always mend the jacket/product if you send it back.

    Seemingly there was a problem with my email, it got routed to the USA branch. I find this a little hard to believe as I also got in contact with the store where I purchased the jacket as well as Rivers West UK. But never mind, I will send it back to them (at my cost) and see what transpires.


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    I had the stitching go on the sleeve of my jacket. Took it into the dealer who took it off me and said he would send it away for repair or give me a full refund.
    The jacket was replaced with a new one, but it took five months. It was over the summer, so not much of a problem.
    Good result, though a bit slow!
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    Well, here is an update on the quality issue saga.

    I sent my jacket off for mending, and it came back early last week. Unfortunately it had not been mended properly and the poppers were still coming out of the material. I rang the people who I bought the jacket from, Field & Falcon (wonderful service by the way), and they rang Rivers West immediately. They then rang me within five minutes of me putting down the phone from Field & Falcon, not too shabby on the customer relations stakes!

    A really nice lady clled Allison has arranged for the faulty jacket to be picked up and a new one arrived this morning, with a "Bucket Hat" FOC for my trouble. I think this is very good customer service. Once they get this problem with the poppers sorted out I can imagine these jackets, in the varying sorts, being very popular.

    The material is very warm, so it's good cool weather clothing, I think the design of the pockets could be better but they have a wonderful material to work with. I can see this company becoming very popular here. Nice folks too!

    Regards, Simon

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    Interesting thread.
    I was stalking with a lad last weekend who had a rivers west suit on. He complained his legs were wet as the material was not breathing. Maybe thats why his pants and jacket has so many flippin zips all over it, to let some air in. I called it his Gimp Suit. He said it was fine for High Seat but not walking as he just gets wet. I wonder if its faulty?


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    Have to say that I had a USA agent for me come over who at the time was I believe being sponsored by Rivers West. Both the agent and the camerman wore trousers and coats whilst stalking stags with me near Lochinver. This was about 8 years ago, and I was NOT impressed by the suits at all. They soaked up water like you would not believe and the pair of them sweated like a pair of good uns under it.

    If this is as good as it gets I wouldnt buy a set. There are plenty of other brands to choose from.
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