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    Hi there,
    My user name is foxbasher,iam a full time deer stalker/fox controler working in central tayside, also doing a lot of other mundane jobs as well anyway i use a 7mm rem mag/stags on open hill, 6.5x55 for hinds/roe deer,243 for other bits and bobs and a 204 remy heavy barrel for foxes/hoodies.
    I have also been loading all my own ammo for the last 15 or so years
    I shoot over about 20,000 acres ranging 800ft to 3500ft quite steep and all grass with plenty of red deer a few sika and foxes.
    We sometimes have stalking available and if anybody needs any advice on reloading ill do my best to help.

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    Welcome foxbasher you wont go wrong on this site full of good lads and plenty of usefull info.

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    Welcome FB

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