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Thread: Where has the St Hubert thread gone?

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    Where has the St Hubert thread gone?

    In response to the thread about sexism in the St Hubert Club :

    They take them out stalking - but do they take ladies as full members? I don't think so.
    I'm not that bothered to be honest - if they don't want girls then girls won't want them. I am quite happy with my BDS membership, and likewise BASC, both of which I consider to be forward thinking associations, who are accepting and friendly to young people, women, and young women.:-)

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    I deleted it.

    The member who started it has just 5 posts to their name and has already been in two threads bashing St Huberts. This smacks of personal agenda to me and we don't do personal agendas on this site, especially when it's on a subject which has already been done to death.

    If it's stirring up trouble and it's not adding anything of value to the site then it's removed.

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