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Thread: Creosote dipping tank

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    Creosote dipping tank

    Guys any keepers on or those of you that beat and pick up on shoots
    im after a tank for dipping pen sections would need to be 10 ft six long by a couple of feet high width anywhere
    bewtween 6 inches to 18 inches let us know what you got or can find .
    many thanks regards pete .

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    tricky things to find

    scaffold boards and a couple of decent tarps or spray it on

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    Hi Pete

    There use to be a gavalnised one kicking about unused in the yard at Orchardleigh, might be worth giving Neil a ring if the gyps have not had it.


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    Try a scrappy. Commercials that is. You want the high top off a long wheel base tranny. Fibreglass so no value to them. We used to give them away for raft races. Failing that get 4 sheets ply and 2 lengths 6x2' two for floor make the square then set the other two sheets at an angle against the wall or posts. Then line with heavy plastic sheet in bath and up the boards. Dip and stand up the slope to drain back into tank. It is how we painted picket fence panels worked a treat. Jim

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    Pete, Why not use a long trough, put less liquid in & turn the panels?
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    Take two IBC's. Cut the top and one side off each. Insert one inside the other with an overlap of 6inch and sillycone the seal.

    Forgot to say you use a pump to circulate the creosote over the panels.....or fill the IBC's with 2000lts
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    some good ideas there guys might have to try some of these if cant find the real thing .
    keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks on the shoots
    Ask your friendly keepers might be one lying about somewhere looking for a good home in somerset
    regards pete .

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    Sounds like you may also have luck buying a bust canoe from the Scouts & chopping the top off

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    Its carcinogenic is creosote and hence i believe banned or at least quite restricted for use in Australia,it is horrible stuff that will burn your skin too dont splash it on your face like i did!
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    " Friendly keepers " Pete ???????????????????????????

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