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Thread: how to load a mule / ausa ?

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    how to load a mule / ausa ?

    Hi all , just a quicky for you.
    One of my perms has just got a ausa / mule 4wd thingy , the landowner has kindly offered me its use which I said I would take him up on the offer as its the furthest away from my place and through some narrow lanes to get to it. I normally tow my quad to it. Shot a small red picket their yesterday evening (60kg) fetched the ausa which has drop down sides and back plus a tipper back , I knew it was a lot higher than my quad so I took my pulley system which I fixed to the rear ladder rack bar of the tipper. This bar is thin gauge steel box section which was close to folding up with the weight of the animal on it ! Don't think I'll try a large stag on it...... how do others manage ?

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    I use a gator , similar tool bit bigger . When I pick up fallen stock etc ( dead sheep , cattle ) I use the tipper to put it at a more friendly angle then pull it up in there . The biggest thing would be a 120 kg ram last week .

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    I no some people put pully wheels on the top of the cab/roll cadge.then put the cable from the winch on the front over and use that to pull the beast on to the tipper which is half up at the time.

    regards kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    I have same problem putting big beasts in back of Hilux with a top on the back . Solution use a plasters bath and a wooden ramp and push it up and in.

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    Thanks for replies, i actually tried the pulley and bath and tipper at an angle works pretty good thanks although you seen to need six pairs of hands , as for getting them in my hilux much easier once they are in the ausa as its the same height but before that i just fix the pulley to the back anchor points and use just a plank of wood. One piece of advice i would give is to get a pulley block that locks off so you dont need to keep constant pressure on rope which leaves you free if needed , i bought some sailing pulley blocks whick are very light and extremely strong.

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