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Thread: Guntrader , have you had any success ? Am I overpriced ?

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    Guntrader , have you had any success ? Am I overpriced ?

    Have any of you had any success using guntrader to sell rifles . I have a ruger .22-250 I want to sell , it's advertised on here but I don't seem to be getting any interest . I am asking 120 for the bare rifle and its in good working order but I can't seem to shift it . It's an honest gun and I've tried to be honest in the advert . If anyone could give me some pointers I'd really appreciate it .
    many thanks

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    Sold some rifles on GT but had a lot of time wasters as I was offering it to be tried on my range before you buy. But at that price I would part ex it to be honest.

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    Personally I have put mine on gun star had much more success on there than GT sounds like a good bargain though good luck with it anyway....

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    Nah, had my old 7mm08 Tikka T3 on there for about a month and had 1 enquiry, eventually Part ex'd it with Steve Beaty at Ivythorn.
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    Sold my Beretta silver pigeon 3 for the asking price within the month, had three callers, two of them were tyre kickers, one wanted the gun knocked down by £400 as HE wanted to have it retro fitted with multichokes and it was going to cost him £400! Cheeky barsteward!

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    Sold a hammer gun for £200 more than offered by a gun shop within a week, I think it depends what you are tryin to sell.

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    Just sold my Remmy only on GT for about 8 days, so it worked for me !


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    Sold my Tikka M55 in a week for £400 but it was mint.

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    I just bought at a Sako 75 in 398 for my brother, I didn't to ask the seller as to how long the rifle had been advertised on GT. all in all it was a very simple process. The seller sounded like a gentleman and was very fair. I just hope my brother fets his FAC approved before the end of the hind season. Good luck with the sale.

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    Sold 2 shotguns and a .243 Mannlicher Stutzen on there. All went fairly quickly - within the month & only negotiated a little backwards on the Stutzen. Worked for me.
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