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Thread: Teaming with Roe

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    Teaming with Roe

    At 1300 hrs today i was driving down the A507 from Letchworth Garden City between Clothall and Clottered. To my amazement their in the field to my left was at least 15-20 Roe and possibly two Roe Bucks. the sun was shining and it hadn't rained all day. i nearly crashed the van trying to count them. a little way down the road my mate saw some more deer next to a big derelict house with all its windows smashed. i have only put this on in case some one who stalks around there may read this.


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    Well unless things have changed a lot in the past 16 years, I would be astonished if they were roe. Fallow more like. Some-one tell me I'm wrong???

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    You are entirely right only fallow in that area nearest roe I know of are towards Hemel so 25 miles away. The sad thing is on that stretch of road there is a new one run over every week at the moment.

    P.s you didn't used to live on the edge of a small estate down here did you?

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    I can't comment on whether there are any roe in that area or not, but to say that you would never see roe in larger numbers in close proximity would be misleading. Not the norm, no, but we have seen 19 roe in a field together on our patch and we certainly don't have any fallow. I cannot say that they were associating in the way that a herd does, but they were certainly tolerating each other, generally just chillin' in a sort of roe-meet kinda way.


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    My pal and I have regularly seen up to 13 Roe together in the middle of very large open fields in Norfolk. They seemed to have take up the Fallow idea of it being safe if the nearest cover is several hundred yards away. They weren't entirely wrong as it took us a few months to reduce the group. Interesting development but I understand it to be by no means unique or unusual.

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    Weeell....used to live in roe there either!! Although my keeper mate saw a buck a few years ago on the Kings Walden/Pauls Walden border.

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    Just seen the BBC news, saying many places throughout the country are flooded or flooding .... could it be that the deer are moving looking for drier ground ?

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    I have seen numerous "groups" of roe clearly travelling together in numbers around the 10-12 mark where I grew up and my parents live.

    that was until a new syndicate took over and shot 20+ in 20 days of taking over! rarely see them at all now

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerarddwatts View Post
    Weeell....used to live in roe there either!! Although my keeper mate saw a buck a few years ago on the Kings Walden/Pauls Walden border.
    ahh thought you might have been the same person, I used to live on the estate and have been beating with you many moons ago. I have heard the next keeper has also seen a single roe on the estate as well.

    No changing anything on the north herts side of things they are definitely fallow and you will see the big groups all the way along the 507 from there to Buntingford and then across. For some reason Roe just aren't around here

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    Oho! The last B-L keeper isn't very far from me now either...see him regularly! He has built up a new shoot and doing very well Spooky eh! Heh heh!!

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