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Thread: Absys on fallow buck

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    Absys on fallow buck

    Took a fallow buck last week and noticed a large lump(about the size of a fist ) on the outside of the carcass, just behind the front shoulder. Cut thru to find wheite /creamy puss. Inspection of internals seem to show nothing abnormal.

    Currently in the chiller (prior to freezing) but concerned what this might be, Any ideas out there
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    Damn they are tasty!

    Err not! Used to see them in sheep too,cut one with a blunt knife one day on a roo leg and being blunt i had to tension the hide up with a squeeze and when i got into the core the dirty frign thing blew right into my face.... spat all the way to the water trough I did, not happy haha.
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    Localised abscess , probably infection from a fence or similar injury , trim affected area and all will be fine , see them regularly at work in Meat inspection.

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    Thanks Brian,

    Appreciate you the fridge it goes

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    Thanks roos here ....thank God

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