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Thread: Jelen High Seat Shooting

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    Jelen High Seat Shooting

    Having seen the Jelen advert in the Deer Stalking Opportunities section i booked myself and the old codger (Pete) for an outing. We arrived at the Jelen office and were greeted by Mike Dave Mark and Del boy with a welcom cuppa. Nice setup only problem being the shop ( more spent oh well ). We were early so dave gave us a drive round the estate saw fallow within 2 mins of leaving the road. Nice estate but deer damage is an issue hence the high seat campaign. We were dropped off at our high seats all good comfortable doubles. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	20695 I was overlooking a hazel coppice a lot of deer damage but i drew a blank this time. Pete had seen fallow does but no in season animals. We enjoyed our day so booked for the next week (last night) It was no problem for jelen to add Petes mate Paul so over the forest we went ( I now have waldorf & staedler in the car). We arrived and were greeted with a cuppa and sorted out paperwork then set off for the highseats. Once again a good position provided on the end of small wood overlooking a transit point between two large woods. I saw fallow unfortunatly only does but could have shot these had they been in season. I heard two shots during the session so when a halt was called met paul on the track he had shot two muntjac bucks. I was realy pleased with this as it was his first muntjac and to have two was fantastic. Dave came and picked us up pete was in the truck he had seen shootable fallow but does only.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	20696 So glad we booked with these guys we met some fellow stalkers had a couple of hours in the great outdoors, a new species under the belt for paul and put the world to rights to boot. We will be coming back thats for sure thanks guys. I have posted the muntie pic as i remember someone moaning that Jelen dont have them. They are there.

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    Well done a nice write up with a good ending.

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