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Thread: which to buy ZEISS or SWAROVSKI RF binos

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    which to buy ZEISS or SWAROVSKI RF binos

    Just about about to buy a new pair of binos, I'm after a range finding pair and have narrowed my choice down to either the ZEISS 8 x 45 victory RF or SWAROVSKI 8 x 42 EL RF
    What would you knowledgeable gentlemen recommend they will be mainly for slaking and general use?

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    Why have you discounted Leica's, i prefer mine over Zeiss


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    Had all of them but gone back to leica better all round

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    If I was spending that kind of money I sure as hell wouldn't be doing it because someone I didn't know from the web told me which, from their own subjective view, they thought was better and... as has already begun... you'll get a million replies of, "have you tried these", "these ones are much betterer"...

    I personally think looking through them, side by side, at dusk (you picked the right time of year as the shops are still open) is the only way you will decide which pair is for you...

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    I have pretty much settled on the ZEISS if I'm honest, i was just trying to gauge opinion and see if anyone had any issues with after sales service or warranty issues etc, although at this money I would hope not to have ANY problems!

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    I have a pair of the Swaro's, have also had a pair of Geovids and a pal has a set of the Zeiss, having used all 3 there really isn't much in it, I prefer the glass in the Swaro which is why I changed but in hindsight it wasn't worth the extra dosh. I don't like the way the reticle displays one side and the range reading in the other on the Swaro but you do get used to it.

    The Zeiss are the bulkiest of the 3 and this is the main thing that put me off them. Zeiss do seem to be offering the best deals especially as you can sometimes get a good discount.

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    I tried Swarovski, Zeiss and Leica all at dusk side-by-side. There was virtually nothing optically to separate them, the Swarovski 10x42 EL range felt better in my hands compared to the other two so that is where my money went. I suggest you see which feel better for you, they are all excellent products.

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