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Thread: My dog.

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    My dog.

    I have to post this as I'm really proud of my little Bar steward.

    Few years ago I drove to Amesbury to buy what I was told was a Bavarian crossed lab - all accidental and I met mum - superb dog. It seriously looks now that he is part Patterdale with maybe some lab back there somewhere, a sturdy, loyal little bugger who doesn't take any **** from any other dog.


    Two years on I met Steve of The Bavarian Mountain Hound association who took a liking to said mutt and helped me with some training.

    A few months ago I shot a 180 yard buck at last light, but we couldn't find him, the owner of the stalking rights was convinced I had missed and persuaded me to leave. I didn't sleep well, I was up and 13 hours later my dog was on the shot site and took me the ten yards, into he trees straight to him.

    Last night, I did it again, I confess to not learning my lesson as I had a touch of buck fever, last chance on the biggest head of the season, but this time I was less convinced of a clean shot because of the reaction, I wasn't going for another bad night, I went home, got my dog and took him back.

    He took me on a merry dance and we followed the trail of the three does before he got the three hour old scent trail, he changed immediately and after about 40 yards in a thick wood, there was the buck with a couple of square inches of his lung in the exit wound (hence the lack of blood) and after gralloch, the top of his heart missing.

    My dog is my little legend, he hasn't let me down on a trail yet!

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    Nice looking dog
    I take it that Mum is first pic,how big is he compared to a BMH?

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    He's actually quite a bit smaller, he about Cocker sized and 18 kg.

    Just big enough, but able to tuck him under your arm when you need to.

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    He looks right like my mates Patterdale Richard, cracking wee dog by the way!!!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackfish View Post
    He looks right like my mates Patterdale Richard, cracking wee dog by the way!!!
    Have you met the mad siblings too mate?

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    Cracking dog there, looks like he does you proud and thats what matters most! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing

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