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Thread: Weihrauch HW100 Thumbhole .22 PCP Air Rifle

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    Weihrauch HW100 Thumbhole .22 PCP Air Rifle

    Hi All,

    I have on offer my trusty HW100 in .22. It was bought from Chichester Armoury and is a great bit of kit. It was professionally serviced by them last year and all valves were replaced.

    The HW100 is the first precharged rifle introduced by Weihrauch. It has excellent accuracy, vibration free shot release, fast and easy repeating, 14-shot magazine capacity, steel air cylinder and 200 bar integral pressure gauge.

    It comes standard with a two-stage adjustable match trigger and manual safety. Also included is TWO 14-shot magazines, one filler nut and one cylinder, the scope shown, a case and the sling.

    The Thumbhole stock is oiled walnut with lateral finger grooves on the forend and stippling on the pistol grip.

    Calibre: .22 Overall Length Standard: 975mm Overall Length Thumbhole: 975mm Overall Length Standard Carbine: 960mm Overall Length Thumbhole Carbine: 960mm Barrel Length Standard: 410mm. Barrel Length Carbine: 310mm Power: 12 ft Lbs.

    I am based near Littlehampton, West Sussex, viewing is welcome....

    Would consider swaping for a scope (ballistic turret) or 425.00 cash....



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    absolute bargain for some one.

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    Would you post this mate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Would you post this mate?
    I would rather not MS - but would if the postage was paid and organised -

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    That's understandable mate. You will sell it easy at that price - in fact you could probably stick another 100 on that and stick it on Airgun BBS as the thumbholes are quite scarce.

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    Thanks! Yeh it's a good price but have new rifle coming so need the funds!

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    hi there is the hw100 still for sale im very intrested i have cash waiting .

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    Quote Originally Posted by surrey1978 View Post
    hi there is the hw100 still for sale im very intrested i have cash waiting .
    Yep still available

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