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    First covering of snow tonight,Bloody cold outside,Looking forward to the shoot in the morning even more now.
    atb John.

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    Just looked out and it is snowing here south of York

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    if its not snowing here its bloody heavy sleat in essex

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    Ullapool and the Cairngorms had snow on the tops on 22nd September. Today they were throwing snowballs on the west side of Lewis in the Hebrides and I was looking into Arran this afternoon and they had snow on the tops. I even had a few little flurries myself but it sounds like the east of the country have quite a lot even at lower levels. We usually get some snow in November, even if it doesn't lie, and every year you meet people wandering around saying "imagine that, snow in November. I never remember that before."
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    Lochnagar was resplendent in winter clothing mid September, and again last week. Today it's doon to village level, at least 3 inches gracing the upper regions of Deeside.

    Tomorrow's early morning run up round the Panannich hill trig. point will bring a smile to the collie with snaba's a plenty to chase !

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