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Thread: Hornady .223 case problem

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    Hornady .223 case problem

    Hi guys just been given some Hornady cases by a friend ive cleaned and resized them gone to fit primers and they are really tight going in
    I dont have a primer pocket resizer but I do have the Lee universal pocket cleaner and it fits fine.

    Has anybody here had this problem with these cases?

    I guess i'll have to buy a primer pocket resizer..... yet another gadget

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    Not in factory Hornady cases. Military are another story. YOu might find love in an RCBS Primer Pocket Swager Tool (just in case you come across a good deal on some military .223) What brand of primers?~Muir

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    youll need to uniform the pockets

    send us a pm if you want to bororow or purchase saiid tool
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    I have two batches of Lapua brass in 308. The first batch the primers are really tight to seat and it is hard work to do any great number of them using my priming tool. With the second batch the primers just slip in there and having been used to the tight batch for about 5 years at first I was concerned that I had a problem but I don't think so, I think it is just a small variation in manufacturing tolerance. Even after shooting the first batch over quite a few reloadings with book max loads they haven't loosened up any.
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    Hi Guys thanks for the advice

    Muir the primers i'm using are Federal. Thet seam to go into some of the cases easly then some are tight. I have ceand the cases in my ultasonic tank and the pockets are clean.

    Guess I'll be buying a new tool!

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