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Thread: A taste of Skye

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    A taste of Skye

    I'm a hopeless photographer and I'm not entering any competitions, but I've been clearing out files and thought you might like these. They give a feel for the wild serenity of the Isle of Skye and the Scottish West Coast.

    Across Loch Bracadale

    Sunrise behind the Black Cuillin

    Dawn on the Black Cuillin ridge, high above the clouds

    Winter afternoon after a long stalk

    Sun streaming through the cloud

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    Re: A taste of Skye

    [quote="Mauser66"][color=blue]I'm a hopeless photographer and I'm not entering any competitions,
    I dont beleive that, there cracking pics well done

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    its wonderful to see views of Skye again - a place I havent visited for many, many years.

    I recall as a boy, family holidays in Staffin bay, the Cullin Hills and Portree harbour teaming with fresh catches.

    One day I hope to return with my own brood - wonderful pictures, thank you

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    Breathtaking views. Never seen anything like it. I really must get up that far north one day.

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    8) very nice pics

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