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Thread: Just missed a whitetail deer

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    Just missed a whitetail deer

    I was driving to Palco in Kansas USA 2 days ago to visit a pal and had my first ever deer near miss with a car, a huge buck just came out about 10ft in front of me crossing the road at dusk, it filled the windscreen and I was doing 55mph at the time, how I missed it I will never know.

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    Welcome to my world. It's a daily occurrence. ~Muir

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    Rental i presume?
    you could have tried harder.....

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    Rental, yes but my excess would have hurt . It is a Corrolla.

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    That happened to me with a roe doe not as big

    but a s**t myself anyway. The doe jumped out

    a hedge she hit the brakes i hit the brakes dont

    no who got the biggest fright.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Drive faster and wot a trophy you could of been shouting about

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    Had one buck jump in to the road last winter and I kid you not I saw its eyes right by my drivers window, if I'd hit that I think it would have written off the skoda as its only tin foil!

    I now drive slowly along that road lol

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