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Thread: .410 Shotgun

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    .410 Shotgun

    Hi all,I am after a .410 shotgun for my daughter. She is getting into her shooting now but the the 12g is literally sending her flying. She found it funny for a while but not anymore. I would rather have a s/s or o/u rather than a single barrel but will consider anything. I am sure someone on here will have one suitable that is not getting used anymore. Thanks in advance.PointerJack

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    PJ Dont discount the 28 gauge a lovely little gun for begginers regards pete .

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    True. I would consider a .28g as well, but always had a soft spot for the .410. The 28g seem to hold their price more for obvious reasons.

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    got a brand new Lincon 410 here o/u think i paid around 700 for it but would have to check
    regards pete .

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    Subsonic cartridges make a massive difference providing she can handle the weight of the gun. Much easier to shoot than a 410 as well. I have got my 10 year old shooting subsonic 20 gauge loads (Eley Hushpower).

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    I've got a single baikal in as new condition, not even fired a whole box of cartirdges, bought for dealing with RTA's but not doing that any more. 110 if you want it.....


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    Colin, I got a little 410 from your neighbour for a few quid, oh yes you were there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Colin, I got a little 410 from your neighbour for a few quid, oh yes you were there!!
    Yeah, gutted now that I want one!! Typical.

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    Just seen kkall has a 28g sbs for sale at 250.00. It's just a bit further down the page from your post. I think the heading is three guns for sale, check it out.

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    Thanks for that, I had missed that one!

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