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Thread: Quick Pol - For All UK deer .308 or 6.5x55

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    Quick Pol - For All UK deer .308 or 6.5x55

    Option 1: 308
    Option 2: 6.5x55

    For estate rifle being used daily, All uk deer but mostly sika and roe.

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    I have both.. the .308 is arguably a more versatile round but that comes at the expense of a bigger kick.

    The mild mannered recoil of the 6.5 would make it ideal as an estate rifle particularly as you are going to have stalkers of varying experience and frame size... some of which could be put off with the recoil of a .308.

    The 6.5 is more than cabable ballistically for anything in the UK.

    The only caviat I would apply however is that .308 ammo is available anywhere, you may be limited with 6.5?

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    I don't think it really matters in terms of ballistics or ability to kill deer. I'd be looking at how easy it is to get ammo and things like that to help with the decision and the 308 might come out ahead in that. Also the 6.5 is currently very "trendy" but this might fade in a few years whereas the 308 is likely to remain boringly popular and useful. On the other hand some say the 6.5 is very soft shooting which might be a factor for an estate rifle but if you are going to use a moderator then there might not be much between them. I shoot mostly sika and like the 308 for them but that is mostly because it is what I have and I picked it because it was common as muck and so easy to keep in terms of getting ammo and components and so on.
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    Just chalk up another for the 308 cant add much that hasnt already been mentioned above

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    Since the use of moderators I really don't think any chambering is an issue nowadays with regards to recoil.

    Of the two above I could not really care as to what one I was handed for roe or sika except that if it was the 6.5 it would have to be bullets around the 140grn mark for the stags...

    I would guess without looking at the tables that both are so close as to not really matter if 140's in the 6.5 and 150's in the .308...

    Both would be excellent choices in an estate rifle.

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    I'd say 6.5x55, but that's why I bought one...

    140gr SSTs leaving the barrel at 2,660fps will knock down anything that the UK has to offer.

    All the collective sciences of BC and SD are irrelevant as you have to be able to put a round into a 6" target at 50-400yds with a cold barrel.

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    I have both but I'm more of a 6.5 person rather then a 30 cal person !

    Kinda profound since I'm an American don't you think .

    However in the UK about all that would intrest me would be the Sika Stag and the Roe Buck . Red Stag while certainly nice is not my thing . But the Sika is and I always wanted to kill a couple Roe deer !

    To be perfectly honest i'd prefer the 260 REM or 6.5 Creedmoor over the 6.5 Swede . Also would prefer the 7mm-08 or 7x57 over the 308 WIN .

    I like most all of the cartridges based on the 308 more then the 308 itself . Well I like the 308 better then the 358 WIN .
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    if you're shooting sika with guests you need to hit them with as much as you can, 6.5 is fine and will kill them fine but 308 hits better. Either way chest shot sika deer wil made for cover fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jollypoacher View Post
    Option 1: 308
    Option 2: 6.5x55

    For estate rifle being used daily, All uk deer but mostly sika and roe.
    Aye two good woman's calibers ,that can produce the goods

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