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Thread: My 44mag home loads.

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    My 44mag home loads.

    Hi All .
    Just a pict or two of my 44mag home loads. Left to right 44rn hard cast 240grn 44jsp 240grn 44C-IL 240grn 44jlnhp 240grn 44jhp 180grn
    44xtp 240grn 44ftx 225grn. Just something for the lever fans out there.
    All the best lever man.

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    Hi if I can pick your brains for a while , I have a chance to aquire a lever gun in .44 mag would I be able to use this gun for deer also do your local police look at kindly or not on anyone wanting a.44? Baz

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    Bazil, the .44mag will be ok for small deer species in England but it can be a struggle to get an accurate legal load for the larger species. A .444 would be better if you want a lever for larger deer. I had a .44mag bolt action for foxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazil View Post
    Hi if I can pick your brains for a while , I have a chance to aquire a lever gun in .44 mag would I be able to use this gun for deer also do your local police look at kindly or not on anyone wanting a.44? Baz
    Hi Bazil.
    Yes you would be ok for deer big and small species but not in scotland . The 44mag is a very good round for wood land stalking i use 240grn xtp and 225grn ftx leverevo for the larger deer as the energy level is well above 1700ftIbs As for range 100 to 150 is a nice shot for a 44mag but with practice 200 is achieveble but for
    woodland stalking that is more than enough. The nice thing about the 44mag is the knock down power those big bullets have most deer just drop on the spot . Big 1/2"
    hole equals large wound channel so if one doe's run good blood trail. With the 44mag rifle the longer the barrel the more ftlbs you get you may not get 1700 with a 16"
    18" one but with the 24" you do so go for a 24". The police were well ok on the 44 as there are some out there now all they said was if it does 1700flbs that's fine.
    And as the Americans say you can eat up to the hole big bore slower bullet 1850fps equals less meat damage unlike a high velocity round.
    Go for it Bazil i love mine.
    All the best lever man.

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    You need one of these!

    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    You need one of these!

    Wassat then? 1895?
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Is that a 444 or 45-70 marlin very nice. My next lever gun may be a 1886 win 45-70.
    Thanks lever man.

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    Thanx for all information lever man and all others,I will look into this opportunity over the coming week and report further.cheers bazil

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    looks good fun, nice one

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    Here's a Marlin 336-44 circa 1967 I got about a year ago !

    This is the second one of these 44 MAG's I've owned that was built on the 336 action . They only made them from 1963-1967 . I have yet to kill any deer with this actual rifle however I have killed a pile of whitetails with a Ruger 44R Carbine and a Marlin 1894P .

    With this present 336-44 I shoot cast bullets only and mostly from molds made by my buddy Ranch Dog in Cuervo Texas .He has a webpage called .

    I have done the following with RD's bullets .

    Ranch Dog 432-240GC with 25 grains H110

    Ranch Dog 432-265GC with 23 grains H110

    Ranch Dog 432-300GC with 21 grains H110

    I also had a mold cut by Mountain Molds very similar to the Ranch Dog designs but with traditional lube grooves instead of tumble lube grooves , anyway that ones a 432-325GC and I push it 20 grains of H110 .

    Three of my old Marlin's !

    Top is a circa 1972 Marlin 1895 in 45-70 .
    Middle is a First Model Marlin 444 circa 1966 it has a 19" barrel now as I had it cut from 24" and I now refer to it as my "Retro 444P" .
    And bottom is a circa 1967 Marlin 336-44 44 MAG the one from above !

    The Ranch Dog 432-240GC bullet lubed , checked and sized at .432" .

    Sorry but I don't have pics of the other Ranch Dog bullets in my PC as we speak !

    Incidently I am 100% committed to cast bullets only in my lever actions whether it's the 44 MAG , the 45-70 or any of my 2 dozen or so 444's !

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