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Thread: can Blasers fit tall people

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    can Blasers fit tall people

    hi just curious can the Blaser rifles (r93 and r8) fit tall people thanks

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    Sure, just order it with a longer stock.

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    I'm 6'2" and my R93's fit me fine. Both have standard stocks.

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    I'm 6,5 do u think a standard stock would fit thanks

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    There's more to gunfit than height.

    If I was paying Blaser money I'd go and hold one or two. Compare stock lengths and then decide.

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    I am a 6'4" with 77" reach and no off the shelf stock fits me

    all my rifles and shotguns have either a slip on pad (shotgun) or additional spacers or have had a 1.5"+ butt pad added.

    it turns an otherwise child's toy into a smoother mounting gun

    worth every penny

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    I'm 6'4"and shoot cross body, and my R93 fits well. It does have the longer recoil pad on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sws View Post
    I'm 6'4"and shoot cross body, and my R93 fits well. It does have the longer recoil pad on it.
    what does that mean?

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