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Thread: Pulsar N550 gone back!

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    Pulsar N550 gone back!

    Just wondered if anyone has had problems with the pulsar N550?
    Bought mine new 18 months ago & fitted it to my .243 about 30 or so foxes & a few rabbits later all was going well. Then clean missed a sitter of a fox @ 80 yds, check zero and it didn't even touch paper @ 50 yds. Set it up and again in the field rare but got 3 shots at a fox all clean missed. Checked mounts fittings etc all ok, and again re zeroed. Then the brightness control started to play up you got all or nothing. Last week tried it again and when switched on I got a light grey screen no reticle icons or anything none of the buttons or controls had any effect - so its gone back under warranty - waiting for the outcome

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    I had some trouble with mine too. I could not get it to focus on anything more than 10yds away. I sent it back and had a new one within 2 weeks

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    Same problems as you guys worked well for afew months then started getting a flickering screen, sent it back and was told I would get a replacement thinking of paying the difference for the newer model but haven't decided yet.

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    Got a replacement today - no issues cracking service & while picking it up from the shop bought a .17 HMR to sit under it.

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