A while back I posted about a dilema between a Ruger no1 and a Weatherby Mk 5
Well the head won and after a battle with Dorset firearms I went and got the Weatherby yesterday. Only trouble is it's a 23' barrel and a silencer, it's very long, but I bought it as a fox/deer park rifle.
So after a quick throw together of a load this is what I got (pic 1)
Not too bad but a foot high at 40 yds and further adjustment available?????? Looked at gun, diagnosed wrong bases
Took gun back to shop (as it came with mounts ) and found out that a pair of Rem 700 mounts had been fitted by whom I don't know but out came the wallet again and a new set of bases and mounts went on.
Now thankfully I get the same group with as much elevation as required
so here is the new puppy, in full camo together with my sig/sauer shr970
Weatherby is .243 and Sig is .308