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Thread: Yank in Virginia USA

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    Yank in Virginia USA

    Greetings from central Virginia in the US of A !

    I'm in my 50's and presently single , no kids !

    Have a soon to be wife in the Philippines that is THE EXACT same age as myself !

    I've had guns for 45 years and there are very few types etc that I've not owned or played with at some point in my life .

    25 years ago I was heavily into American style skeet and trap as well as bird hunting . 10 or 12 years ago I got heavily into lever action Marlin's and shot a good bit of lever action silhouette . Killed my first Whitetail deer when I was 12 . Since that time I've taken in excess of 225 whitetails , a pair of Mule Deer and nine Sika Deer .
    Also taken a pair of Black Bear in the past 3 years .

    And without a doubt Sika Stags are my thing . I have to travel close to 4 hours by car to get to suitable spots for these guys and typically the best you can even hope for is a 6 pointer of which I've killed two in my entire Sika hunting life . the first in 1999 with a muzzle loader on our lease and the second in 2005 with a Savage 12 gauge bolt action rifled slug gun .

    My present intrests as far as hunting are concerned are of course Sika Stags , Whitetail deer , Black Bear and occasional dove shooting . As to guns I'm very much into side by side shotguns and have shot them since I was 14 almost exclusively for birds while using over and unders for the clay target games .

    My W&C Scott hammerless damascus 10 gauge is without a doubt my favourite but then it was to left to me by my grandfather . I also have a W&C Scott 12 and 20 hammerless damscus , as well as a W.W.Greener hammerless , tang safety , fluid steel barrel 12 gauge boxlock that I purchased when I was 15 . My last english gun is a boxlock 12 gauge Westley Richards I've had since approx 1990 . Am big into Parkers , Fox's , L.C.Smith's and ithaca's .Have several German pre war guns as well from variouse Kettners and Kerners .
    At the moment the only over and unders I own are all old Browning Superposed 12 and 20 gauges from the 50's and 60's .

    Got into the drilling thing recently and have 3 Pre War drillings of which two are hammer guns and the third is hammerless . Also have a J.P. Sauer that was made I think about 55-65 .

    As to rifles I'm still flush with Marlin lever guns but just about all of them are chambered for the 444 marlin cartridge . I load for them all and cast variouse bullets from 207-420 grains for them . I am pretty flush as well with Ruger #1 single shots with variouse calibers from 204 Ruger all the way up to 416 REM MAG .
    Remington Model 700's are high on my list and a have a couple of those , as well as 96 and 98 Mausers . A fairly recent addition i truely like is a 1963 vintage Mannlicher Schoenauer 24" rifle in 308 WIN .

    Obviousely my favourite cartridge in a lever gun would be the 444 . In the Ruger #1's it's the 264 WIN MAG and 6.5x55 . In the bolt actions I'm partial to the 260 REM (bought a Remington model 7 stainless synthetic in 260 when they first hit the market in 1995 or so) and the 6.5-06 . While I am certainly partial to the 6.5mm's , I am also very much in favor of 6mm's , 7mm's and the 22 cals .Actually there are very few I don't like but these mentioned come to the top first .

    I used to bowhunt quite a bit . But my left shoulder is casing me problems with that ! I can pull back a 50-60 pound bow well enough , but the feeling in my left shoulder when I try to hold it isn't so great (I am rght handed).

    I usually travel to the Philippines atleast once each year to visit family and friends . I found this website because I was looking for Sika Stag hunting spots in the England , Ireland , North Ireland and Scotland .

    Okay that should be enough to keep anyone occupied for awhile .

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    Oh I failed to mention I hunt deer mostly from treestands or high seats as you blokes say !

    Also shoot a good deal of benchrest with hunting guns , lever guns and full blown heavy barrel bolt action target rifles !

    Also as of late have been doing a fair amount of work for friends on sub sonic 308 loads for their suppressed rifles .

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    Hello 6pt- Sika and welcome to the SD! That's a very nice selection of rifles and shotguns you have - a friend was over in the US recently for the Southern Side-by-Side championships and was amazed by the dedicated following that pre 1900 English shotguns have there (he shoots annoyingly well with an 1880s damascus barrellled underlever hammer gun in 12 bore).

    Like you, I think that stalking Sika is pretty much the best kind of hunting, although I could get into Whitetail hunting too - I'm on a swap-hunt in Finland right now, which I believe is one of the few places outside the Americas where you can hunt wild whitetail. 3 1/2 days of hunting and we have 9 deer on the floor so far. For Sika deer, Wicklow in Ireland is fantastic, with big heads and challenging hunting - we go every year for the stags in the rut and then back a few weeks after for sika hinds, fallow does and quite a lot of drinking in the Glen Malure Inn... The plan is to get the Finns over to Scotland next year to hunt Red stags, Sika stags and shoot small game of various sorts, both wing and ground.

    A lot of my hunting is now done with a Kettner combination gun in 12b and 7 x 65R, either on open sights or with a 4x scope on swing-off mounts, the rest of the time I use a variety of elderly Mauser 98 actioned rifles in .270, 7mm or .300 (just looking for another in .300 Holland for use as an elegant 'Africa gun' and a stutzen rifle for woodland stalking). The only rifles I have that are younger than me are the small calibres.

    I'll be over in the US in January for the Dallas Safari Club Show.



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    Adam !

    Japan is open now for Dybowski Sika , but it's archery only and I can't hold a bow back now and they don't allow a crossbow !

    You can hunt whitetails in New Zealand also or atleast thats my understanding .

    My Kettner drilling is a hammer gun thats 16-16 and 10.75x65R Collath , which is kinda neat because I have a single barrel rifle that was made by Collath before the war and also has a Collath marked 6x scope on top . This thing is a 6.5x52R which at the time I'd never heard of and was a little perplexed . But after a short amount of looking I found out it was nothing more then our plain Jane 25-35 WIN of which I happened to have 3 or 4 boxes of old REM UMC 117 grain ammo from back in the 60's !

    I sold or traded off both the 6.5-06's I had in the past .But now I think I wanna build another on a Remington 700 . Also wouldn't mind a nice Cooper with a few extra bells and whistles in 260 REM .

    I suppose I better clarify some , you guys actually stalk deer , I am more of the get 9-10 meters off the ground and wait for them to come by within range .

    If I'm ever able to get my shoulder back in bow shape and they keep the season in Japan I wanna go there and kill a couple nice Sika Stags . Also would love to go to New Zealand and get a couple with the same being said for England , Scotland , Ireland , Northern Ireland and Czechoslovakia . Also heard they had some decent ones in Germany but haven't been able to google up andy decent sounding pay to hunt places .

    We used to have a lease in Maryland for Sika but the best you can expect there is 6 points and maybe 45-60 kilo's live weight .

    I sorta tried to get my fiancee's brother to hook me up with a Sambar hunt in the Philippines until I read all the legalities in their country . He did give me a relatively nice set of antlers someone in the mountains had killed maybe 6 months earlier in a tiger pit trap (no tigers there , but thats the best description I can think of) . We did hunt wild pigeons on Mindanao a couple years ago with 22 rifles and pellet rifles and to be totally honest they taste pretty decent in an adobo .

    I was a HUGE 270 WIN fan when I was younger as I was also a HUGE Jack O'Conner fan . But over time I came to like the 280 REM , 25-06 and 6.5-06 better then the 270 . But with that being said I do have a nice Ruger #1B in 270 WIN . But then my 25-06 and 280 are also in Ruger #1B's ( do have a nice old Browning B-78 in 25-06 that was made from about 74-82 somewhere).

    Only 300's I've ever messed with were the 300 WIN MAG , 300 Weatherby MAG , 300 SAUM and 300 WSM . Still have Ruger #1B's in the 300 WIN MAG and Weatherby .Ruger made the Ruger #1S in 300 H&H MAG last year or so but I failed to get one .Part of the reason we have a bunch of Ruger #1's is the fact that my pop likes them . Between the two of us we have 18 of them . Still like to find a nice old 1B in 30-06 .

    If you're around DC while you're here for the SCI show give me a yell and perhaps we can get together !

    It's my intention however to leave the country around February 2nd for the Philippines and won't be back until the end of the month .

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    Now that's a comprehensive introduction, welcome to the site!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    very nice intro welcome to a brilliant site

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    Now that's a comprehensive introduction, welcome to the site!
    Thank you !

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site

    regards Morgan

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    Welcome 6pt. Used to have family in Va, nice part of the world!

    Enjoy the site.



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