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Thread: night master 800

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    night master 800

    before i buy one of these, has anybody seen one or used one ?

    I did read the write up it got in the shooting times a few weeks ago, the article claimed positive identifcation out to 200-250 and can pick out eyes to 500.

    at 200 with all its accessorys it make it an expense tourch if it does not work as they claim.


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    Theyb do what they say on the tin iv tried them out! Im going to buy one! theres a thread on these already!

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    Got one and it does exactly what it claims. You'll get eye shine over 500m and be able to shoot at 300m with it easy. I've only got the basic gun set up, no extras. Will be getting a coloured LED shortly, no loss of useable light with the coloured LED unlike filters.


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    I have one with red led......outstanding bit of kit easy id over 300m and eye shine out to 500+m

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    thankyou gents,

    my mind is made up now.

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