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Thread: lithium ion batteries

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    lithium ion batteries

    Morning all, just after a recomendation as to what Ah battery to go for. My lead acid twin battery set up has now died and think LI is the way to go. Lamp is a Lightforce striker. ATB Gareth.
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    Deben 14 amp-hour lithium is probably the best, but they're not cheap.
    Don't bother with the cheap Chinese lithium batteries on E Bay -they can't supply the current needed by the Lightforce.



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    or ditch the lightforce upgrade to LED and then get a cheap chinese LiIon saving yourself 150

    I run a Deben TriStar Pro on a 20 eBay lithium battery, runs continuously for over 6-7hrs (used it as a camp light once so I know)

    sorry but 200 for a Lithium battery is a massive rip off

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