Hi, due to a death in the family we found ourselves again in Scotland. We flew into Edinburgh early saturday morning, picked up the hire car and headed up the road to Elgin. The journey was fairly uneventful apart from the sight of two magnificent red stags licking salt at the roadside over the Drumochter pass. I saw eyes reflected in the headlights and slowed to a crawl as there was no traffic behind us, one was a real big fella (10 points +) the other slightly smaller. This was an unexpected close encounter on an otherwise mundane journey.
Then just outside Nairn I spotted fresh roadkill, I saw it arse on from the opposite carriage way and straight away thought muntjac (as it was small, showed a lot of white around the back area and I had'nt slept for close to 24hrs.
I was all for turning the car round and positively ID'ing it for my own satisfaction but the wakened powers that be said "no".
In hindsight it was probably a roe. If anyone else local saw/picked it up it was along the stretch of road where the free range pigs are/were.

What are the laws in UK regarding picking up / despatching game (deer) at the roadside?

In Norway it is an offence to remove all or part of any deer carcase for private use as this belongs to the government. The local council then normally has an organised group of people that deal with RTA's. Anything salvageable is then given to the OAP residential homes in the region. Most roe are normally too smashed and become fox bait but the elk can generally provide food depending on how badly its been hit and what with. We also have no stray zones that if the roe/ elk (which move into residential areas in hard winters)stray into are, if possible tried to be moved from, or if all else fails and an accident is imminent (ie close proximity to motorway/busy road/ train track) the animal is put down immediately.