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Thread: 400 .243 rounds a lot?

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    400 .243 rounds a lot?

    Hello. I'm looking at a rifle at the moment, it's in .243 and its shot 400 home loads, is this a lot and is it likely to have lost accuracy compared to new. It's a tikka t3

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    If the owner has been behaving him or herself properly, then it's just about broke in IMHO.
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    Tom. I would agree with finnbear 270. My Sako 75 in 243 has fired a lot more homeloads than 400 and still shoots as good as new. Before buying a used rifle, I would need to be convinced that the person who homeloaded knew what he was doing and did not load too hot rounds. I would also wish to test it on the range to be sure.

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    Depends if he shot them all in one afternoon .
    Any Cartridge can shag a barrel if you shoot it untill you could brand cattle with it. Normal stalking use would suggest though that it has many years service left in it. As with all things used test it or get it checked over first.


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    It also sounds like that might be an honest number whereas almost every rifle I've ever seen for sale has, for some reason, only shot 20 - 40 rounds.
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    I've done about 300 through my 243 and it shoots fine and with home loads well under the max load will pretty much touch at 100m providing I haven't been on energy drinks all day!

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    Assuming its not been stoked to hilt thats nothing through a reasonably good quality barrel.

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    You should have no problems with it 400 rounds is nothing ask for a warranty and if it wont group take it back if it groups you should have a perfectly good rifle

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    I bought my tikka .243 with a stainless barrel second hand; I know the previous owner home loaded, i'm not sure how many loads it had through it before I got it but a few hundred I think. I've put quite a few rounds through it since and it groups well and has never let me down.


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    I have a .243 that has had about 400 through it maybe a few more and it shoots better than ever,.... Or is it me ?

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