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Thread: Does anyone know where i can find one of these?

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    Does anyone know where i can find one of these?

    I Have been looking through the Nov/Dec issue of the basc members magazine and found the article on he CWD on page 78. After finding myself cold most times on a steady stalk i would quite like to know where i could find this coat Lewis Thornley is wearing whilst glassing the hedgerows as it looks lovely although i bet it is way out of my price range if anyone has one of these coats lying around please do get in touch or if you know what company sells them i am searching the internet!

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    I think it might be one of these:
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    Yeah looks like that's the kiddy! Thanks for the link although at that price i will be staying cold in my old fleece for the time being by the looks of that, won't be buying brand new anyhow!

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    Nikwax do wash in waterproofing for fleece. I've never used it but I use their wash in waterproofing for cotton on mil surplus windproof smocks and they are surprisingly waterproof. I'd say the cotton smocks will do maybe 6 hours or more in heavy rain before they start letting water in. This isn't really waterproof enough for hill stalking where you might be out for 10 hours or more but for forestry stalking most stalks are only a few hours. It might be worth a try.

    The other alternative is to look at the mil surplus stuff available - you can get a German flecktarn Goretex jacket or the British DPM Goretex jacket for not a lot of cash and you can wear them UNDER your fleece or smock layer so you are totally waterproof but still keep all your pockets.

    I have a few expensive jackets but have gone to the mil surplus stuff now for almost all my stalking with a windproof smock washed in Nikwax being what I wear most of the time. You can spend the cash you save on stalking :-)
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

  5. #5 I've recently seen one of these in the flesh and they look well made, if you like the smock type of jacket it maybe worth a look and more than half the price of the nomad

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    Thanks for the links and names everyone just having a shop around at some of the different products on the market to see what deals i can find! Cash in my pocket is the only difficulty

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    Why not try one of these: Buy Ridgeline Grizzly Fleece Jacket - shop at suppliers Scott Country

    Very impressed with mine.

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    the duch army use a camoflage outer gortex iner and bodey warmer all can be removed for difrent aplicatons camo is the same as uk dpm can be purchased for 50billsfor a realy good one from army surplus the duch get the best of the best when it comes to gear

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