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Thread: 30 years stalking and a first

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    30 years stalking and a first

    I saw something this weekend which in many years of stalking and deer management I have never seen in the wild before, and if I bore any one with this account I apologise , but to me it was another great moment.

    I had two Belgium clients this weekend for Roe Buck, and a good friend of mine accompanied me to my lease in West Sussex who has stalked for me for about 18 years.

    Apart from a terrible Saturday morning, with not much showing and heavy rain, by midday the weather broke and Saturday evening looked promising. I decided to stalk and area that has a large open area with some good natural regeneration and a host of bluebells still out. Scanning the area with the binos I noticed a lone Roe doe behind a small clump of Blackberry bush and small Birch trees. Nothing unusual there I know but her behaviour led me to think she had a fawn nearby.

    This proved to be the case as myself and the client moved along the tree line which was about 40yds away. To my suprise out stepped a new born fawn still black and wet and just about able to stand. The doe gently licked her new borne offspring, and the look on my dogs face said it all, he just cocked his head to one side and sied.

    We left the doe and carried on taking a good old six point buck at about 8.30pm.

    This morning we passed the same spot and she was there again, but we were just passing through. Making our way to another wood I saw a fox cross the ride. Up with the sticks and a quick squeak and out he came , never to leave.

    10 minutes later we had two Roe Bucks in the bag off one field. One very old buck with a deformed head and a yearling. Todd my Bavarian was in his element, and the clienty was very happy.

    The moment with the doe and fawn was a magical one, my only regret is that I did not have a camera, although mine is a mickey Mouse one anyway, but it would have made a cracking photo



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    I had the same type of moment whilst we had that cold snap, l was walking around my local perm with my rifle. Crossed a brow in a ridge and furrow field and saw a big vixen walking towards me 100 Yards off - normally like you say, it would of been its last hunt. But l left her because she had her coat puffed right up and looked wonderful. Saw her two months back with young, crossing a field not far from the first and still couldn't bring myself to do the deed.....


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    I know the feeling,its strange how certain things will stay in your head ,almost like a photo,no matter how you describe it no one can see it,I have been lucky to have had a few of these,one offs, regards,, tone,,

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    i was at work early sat morning near thetford , and every time i go to this farm i always see roe deer this time was no exception !
    but this time i was to see a first , 3 roe deer 1 old buck and 2 does , the old doe was chasing a young doe away i think to be her daughter from the previous year !
    after about an hour the old doe returned to the same spot but with 2 fawns still black and suckling from there mother . the doe and her young continued to be in more or less the same area until lunch time .
    absolutely beautiful

    typical i too had no camera !!!

    cheers lee

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    A great spectacle to witness Malc.
    I would of been nice to have the camera but by the time you would of got it out you would of missed most of the 'moment', but you have the pictures in your mind that will stay brighter than any photo.


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    Nevar fails to amaze me the wonderfull things we are privaledged to see in the countryside, l once saw a red hind give birth it took very little time and as soon as the calf was out she was on her feet troffed down the afterbirth gave the little one a sniff and a lick around the mouth and moved a few yards away for a short while then returned to the calf at which point l left them to it-wonderfull stuff.

    Not seen any fawns myself so far this year the does l saw at the weekend were still carrying, hopefully have the pleasure of watching them very soon.

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    I'm on the call-out list for damaged Deer, mostly from RTA's but sometimes others.
    Last Wednesday I had a call from the local wildlife hospital who had received a call from a dog walker saying his dog had found what appeared to be an injured or sick deer, a very little one so probably a muntjac and would I check it out.
    Rifle scrimmed up in the car just in case, went and met dog walker who took me to a very thick plantation and there below a small bush was a lovely spotted/stripey/wet baby roe curled up.
    It's ears twitched but apart from that it was curled up in to a tight ball.
    I did not go too close and told the dog walker to keep away until Thursday and if it was still there then to give me another call.
    I explained that most Roe have twins and drop them apart and leave them in the same spot for the first couple of days, suckling them at night, then move them on as they get the strength to move.
    Sure enough it was gone the next day and 'mother' was seen in the immediate area so all seemed in order.

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    Shame about the camera Malcolm but what a lovely memory, Nature at it's best!


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    Lucky moment, Ive seen loads when we were silage making probably as young as a day or so, but never freshly dropped you lucky bugger.

    Do you keep a journal? that was definatley a journal moment. Now I am getting a bit longer in the tooth i still remember some of my best days when I read mine. Just read an entry about you and George and his first stag, could have been yesterday.

    all best, Doghound

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    yes I remember that moment, myself, You and Tom Hunt from the USA who was an agent for me.

    George still works for me, in fact he has stalked for me over the last two weekends with Belgium clients. He is a very good and ethical stalker, and is also a very close friend who has shared many more memorable moments with me since that day in Sutherland. In fact thta was his first Red Stag, and I believe his second deer. Both taken on the same estate, his first being a Roe Buck with me. The estate was sold some years back so I do not stalk there anymore.

    Hope all is well with you.


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