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Thread: N540

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    I've ordered some to try in my 308,anybody else used it,mainly for target shooting,hoping I can find the magic load with it to send scenars out to 1000yds

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    Somebody must have tried it

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    Sorry not tried it, Hodgsdons Varget is what I stuff my .308 with. I use N160 in the .243 with great results

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    I like varget,top stuff but has a price tag to go with it,varget is around 100 a kilo,viht powders nearly half that if you buy a few kilos

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    What are you hoping this stuff will do over regular N140 and what is your load with the N140?

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    N140 is good out to 600 but isn't working for me at 1000yds with scenars,I've tried some other powder which has been way better,am looking for around 2900 fps and accuracy,2520 works well,on viht data 540 ment to launch scenars at 2900,double based powder gets me there,2520 gives me that fps,loaded them with 45.5grs and I got 2950fps,haven't had to much time to test,I shortened the 45gr load I had and put 3 in the same hole nearly,will try the 45.5gr load with same oal,I've ordered the n540 and wondered if anybody has had good results with it,regards swaro
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    you are aware of the double based powders reputation as barrel burners? if you want info on long range loadings then you could do worse than Full-Bore UK
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    How long is this barrel, what charge N140 are using at what length OAL?

    Reason I ask is that I use N140 to 1000yds out of my TRG.

    The 5 series are useful for bumping velocity but they can be a little peaky at the top end and you may find you get pressure signs on some rounds but not others loaded to the same spec.

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    I think it was max load going by viht data,43.4grs n140.think they were 2,880 oal,they did shoot 0.750 oai at 200yds but they were crap at 1000yds,I've shortened since twice and used 2520 and varget and had good results especially with 2520.varget smk load was awesome at 600 but same again at 1000yds,they were ok to good Id say,they are doing 2884 fps!ive loaded some to try that a club member uses,2520 load 45.5 grs and 20 fow shorter than ones I had good results with,his shot demon last time,will try them next time out,I've got enough of my other 2520 load to use if they don't shoot
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    sweet load for a Sako TRG out to 1,000 as proven by 10 shooters at my club is a 155gn SMK or Scenar over 42.5gn of N135. I did a side by side comparison between 540 and 135 at Bisley.. all other specs identical... the 540 worked but was slightly unpredictable. The 135 was much much better.. the annual cup winners all seem to use 135...

    Stop getting hung up on velocity, you don't need it.. try reigning things in a little and see what happens.. if 2,600fps works for 1,000yd Palma world champs, why would we know better!? My scores improved when I reduced my loads to achieve 2,600 at the muzzle with 155s, although I got better results with 175 SMKs out to 600.. didn't get chance to test at 1,000 for one reason or another. I spent 2 years trying to re-invent the wheel, then I realised, the wheel was fine as it was!

    As has been said before, you are asking these questions on the wrong forum.. you won't find many long range target shooters here, they are mostly short range hunters... try UK Long Range, or even better Snipers Hide.

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