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Thread: Greetings from Ross on Wye

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    Greetings from Ross on Wye

    Hi All,

    As requested, just posting to say hello and introduce myself.

    I live in South Herefordshire, enjoy all country sports, including stalking. I shoot with 7mm-08, .308W, .30-06 and am in the process of having an old Sako 75 in .308 re-barreled/chambered in .338 Federal.

    Best regards


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    "I shoot with 7mm-08, .308W, .30-06" All at once or just one at a time? Living that close to the Forest, I was wondering how many arms you had?

    Hopefully you'll be able to get along to one of the periodic Herefordshire meets.
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    Welcome Penyard,

    I know Ross well, having spent the first 18 years of my life there.

    Do you stalk locally?

    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country View Post
    Living that close to the Forest, I was wondering how many arms you had?
    I would say that's fighting talk here, but the village I live in is pretty much full of outsiders anyway

    Penyard, welcome !

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Good evening mate! Welcome to SD.

    I'll let you explain......
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Quite right bandit country, got two arms and strictly one rifle at a time! Thanks for response and do
    Let me know about Herefordshire meets.

    Best regards


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    Don't even know where to start explaining that one mate!! Nearly laughed my c#€% off when opened your post!

    Hope all good with you. Be in touch if your around and let me know about the ammo.

    Best regards


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    Hello Daft Dog, thanks for welcome.

    Yes, I stalk locally and also on Cotswolds. Recently went to Norfolk with HDMG which is the origin of the crazy picture Digger has doctored and posted in this thread!

    all the best

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