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Thread: Night force scope, 650

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    Night force scope, 650

    Night force 3.5-15x56 Varmint, NP1-RR reticle (illuminated), complete in its box with all original fittings and instructions. Purchased January 2011, selling for the original "Trade" price of 650 inclusive of delivery to the purchaser, new retail price then was 1180.
    The scope is clean with no damage and is offered for sale due to a drastic change in my eye prescription which prevents me using the fine reticle, pity a great glass.This scope is adjustable objective not side focus.
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    Is this scope side focus, or adjustable objective? i.e. Benchrest model or NXS

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    could be a |NHX or a NF ? but i know my one had a front PA,

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    Seller has confirmed that it is the adjustable objective version.

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