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Thread: balquhidder,deer stalking trossachs national park

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    balquhidder,deer stalking trossachs national park

    Hi all ,

    About 5/6 years ago my brother and i went stalking on a hind cull in this area as paying clients.

    I had a great time and stayed in the Kingshouse hotel at Balquhidder,
    We went out accompanied with a guide called Mike.

    I have lost all contact details and cannot even remember the name of the estate we were out on Does anyone know the chap or the estate in question as i might like to book again .

    thanks in advance

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    Balquidder Stalking

    Replying to your request for information on stalking in Balquidder.
    I don't know of hand of anyone in this area who would do stalking.

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    I stayed at Kingshouse Hotel a number of times in the Eighties (maybe nineties), had a lovely time there. The estate is Glenample (might also be Stratheye) and the keeper is Mike....buggerit....forgotten ....I think his name sounds a bit Italian. Nice chap.

    It'll come to me eventually. I've seen him in the Shooting Times a number of times, might be worth dropping them an email.

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    You are a star thankyou very much that is the chap and place , i just knew that i could rely on somebody on this site to help out thanks again
    and i will let you all know what the outcome is.

    Jimmy Taylor thanks for the offer but you have only posted once , unless somebody on the site could vouch for you(longstanding member) i would have to decline.

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    the guy is called mike lutti the estate is called monachyle mor . if you pm me i will give you his number .i have stalked with him a few times and speak to him quite often asi go to callander often he can also fix you up with salmon fishing he iis a top guy

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    I knew there was something Italian sounding with a Mike!

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    I can fully vouch for Jimmy Taylor - have stalked with him several times and he is a complete gentlemen and a real professional. Have stalked with him on the ground he has near the Kings House. Plenty of deer on there. He has a huge amount of respect for both the deer and the client and fully involves you in all aspects of the stalk.

    PM if you want more.

    Heym SR20

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    Just seen this, i was wondering if you are on about a friends of mine called Mike Lutti or Mike Halliday.The estates are Glenample or Monacle Mhor.
    If you need more info by all means contact me.
    Ha Ha just seen the original dates this was asked for, oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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