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Thread: on look out

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    on look out

    stopping for a breath. i think its a good pic.

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    waldini nice picture
    lovely scenery bet those hills keep you fit
    regards pete .

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    now thats nice proper stalking ground and the musto is the biz thats wat i use

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    get there are some real hills. just the type to work up thirst.

    amberdog i cannot fault munro stuff. keeps even the wost of scotland's rain out. and ticks cannot get through it.

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    some pics of my patch.

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    Fantastic pictures Waldini. I would frame the first one if that was mine.


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    Nice clobber , shame about the cap !!!!!
    Anyone out there got a musto pro tweed cap for Waldini (or me for that matter XL ! )
    How about a pro tweed moderator cover ???
    Good to meet you last night - looks like a luvly bit of ground , nice & steep



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    steep thats the flat bit yep was to top night. as for musto cap please send a large one this way

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    nice pics mate 8)

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