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Thread: Lee powder funnel and powder trickler

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    Lee powder funnel and powder trickler

    Hi, I have been reloading for some time and have always used my mates gear but being a precision engineer i have made nearly all of my own kit now with a few spares too!!

    Hence i will be putting them up for sale on here , the first two items are

    Lee (red) powder funnel- one size fits all -still in packet 5 posted
    Made my own to suit individual cases.

    Heavy weight powder trickler made to same specs as rcbs one but made from solid billet aircraft grade stainless steel !
    Fitted with rubber gripper base this one is very easy to use single handed, a problem i found with the original was it moved whilst turning thumbscrew ! Looking for 20 posted(expensive but much better than anything you can buy and it will probably cost me 5 to post)

    Will post pics later if i get chance or any interest

    Regards Mark.

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    I'll take both of them please, PM inbound.

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