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Thread: Deer Washed Out

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    Deer Washed Out

    NBC New York : Deer Rescued from Sea as Sandy Approaches

    Where is the strangest place you have spotted a deer? (Not Rudolph of the Red variety)

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    I was fishing from the shore on the Bristol Channel and saw a roe buck swimming around the headland. I never realised they were such strong swimmers until I saw that as the tides round here are fierce. He eventually made it onto the beach and ran off into some woodland. About 10 minutes later the inshore lifeboat came past asking if we'd seen a deer 'in distress'

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    Was fishing in Grafham water (wading), late on a summer afternoon. Saw this little dark blob moving swiftly toward me fom the opposite side (over a km away). Initially thought it was an otter. Eventually saw it was a muntjac. It swam almost directly toward me, turned aside at the last minute, trotted up the bank, shook itself off and vanished into the trees. Could never work out why it had swum straight acorss the middle of the reservoir rather than simply walk around it!

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    Mmmm, the Humber is about a kilometre wide at its narrowest, wonder if a muntjac would swim across that ?

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    Driving out of my village (which is actually quite big now!) a while ago with my mate for a first light stalk we had to stop the car for a Muntjac doe. She came out of a new housing estate and stopped at the zebra crossing. As I stopped the car, she crossed the zebra crossing into the co-op store car park!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Mmmm, the Humber is about a kilometre wide at its narrowest, wonder if a muntjac would swim across that ?
    The Bristol Channel is much wider and they appear to have swam that alright!!!!!!

    Maybe they will migrate south for warmth from where they have been confirmed in Scotland? Most Jocks seem to!

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    Once saw a herd of Fallow swimming across Wimbleball while fishing from a boat. One of the best things I've ever seen while doing countrysports.

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