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Thread: novice to hoody crow control

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    novice to hoody crow control

    I've recently been asked by a friend to help get rid of some hoody crows on a sheep farm.

    I've not done this before, so would appreciate any advice.

    I did go out for a recce at the weekend, and had a go with a .222. Fairly naively, I thought it would be straightforward to get in range and pick them off. Not so! They seem to know the effective range of a .222 down to the last metre, and flew off as soon as I was within 200m. I did eventually manage one after hiding in a hedge and waiting for them to land - by then it was obvious that was only going to work once.

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    my favourite sport!

    they have incredible eyesight and will usually spot you well before you spot them when on the wing.

    I staked out the gralloch of two stags we shot while the Quad was being retrieved.
    They would fly within 10 ft of me lying in the heather but never landed until we were leaving!

    I find more success from baiting areas and returning rather than ambushing.
    If you can bait an area that allows a straight forward return unseen you have more chance of getting within 200yds when they are feeding and if you are lucky you will get more than one with a through shot.

    If the farm is large enough you can also bait two or three areas and move between them to save time waiting for return birds

    I stuck a hind ribcage out in the snow near a mate's farm, went for a coffee for 1/2 an hour and returned by car.
    we shot them from the car on the track at about 75yds!

    had we got out of the car they would have flown.

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    Simples get a 22/250
    kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Simples get a 22/250
    kind regards
    Absolutely hate the bl***dy things...

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    Just out with mine in a mo for a fox patrol ,gotta admit pre moderator days the 22/250 was well rather noisy ,modded it and it's a pussy cat .
    regards Norma

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    Only ever dealt with common crows but would a Larsen trap work?

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    I've done a lot of corvid control, and I take it by hoodies you mean rooks? - no good baiting them and shooting them straight off, you need to regularly bait an area that's in range of your chosen hiding spot and build up their confidence.

    After a couple of weeks they should be showing up regularly to feed. At this point it's crucial you arrive before they do and don't let them see you arriving or leaving. Start picking them off with something quiet (a .22lr or air rifle). They will fly off sometimes but normally come back quickly as long as they haven't seen you and you don't get up to retrieve the kills. Don't miss or they'll quickly work out why their mates are popping then laying still!

    If you prefer shotgun then you'll need 4 blokes at each end of the field who you trust with shotguns (pump actions ideally) - you can get a lot this way but they never come back after the initial killing spree! This obviously has the potential to be very dangerous so only attempt it with people who you trust to stick to a safe line of fire at high birds, and ensure hides you use offer sufficient shelter from any stray shot!

    Alternatively find where they're roosting and set up a hide with an air rifle if it's on your mate's land. You'll only get an hour or so in the morning or evening but you'll need to be there well before and after in order to avoid them working out where you are and buggering off!

    Traps are ok but you really need a live bird in there in the first place for it to be effective... and it's not really feasible to wing a bird deliberately so you can leave it in a trap! If there are large numbers of corvids this won't work as they wise-up too quickly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BunnyDoom View Post
    I've done a lot of corvid control, and I take it by hoodies you mean rooks? !
    no, hooded crow is the Carrion crow's evil cousin

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    + Ladder trap.
    Atb John

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