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Thread: First roe buck

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    First roe buck

    x Shot my first roe buck April 9 on FC land in South Ayrshire , joined a syndicate , got on land wed 8 miday stalked that evening saw nothing, weather was dry and bright no wind but that night it howled down with rain and blew a gale come 5 in the morning and the storm was still raging so went back to sleep woke about 7 , still raining quite hard but wind had droped a bit so dressed quick coffee and drove to the forrest about two miles from the caravan , Parked up and started up one of the rides with the wind in my face after about a hour or more I thought i spotted a movement about 2 hundred yards or more still raining hard so was hard to see much , but after looking through the bins could see it was a roe but as it was head down and turned slightly away was not sure of sex at first I moved slowly forward a bit at a time and kept checking with the bins managed to get about 20 yds closer I could now see it was a young buck still in velvet , I was about 170 yds putt the sticks up and waighted about ten mins ( seemed like hours ) untill he turned giving me a chance to put the cross haires on him and squeeze a 150 gr to him he jumped slightly foward and dropped reloaded and watched him for a moment then moved forward with the dogs and checked he was dead nice heart shot so no work for my two young GWHP. I am training took a photo of the dogs posing with the buck but photo not very clear because of the rain on the camera lens and i have not yet trained the dogs how to take a photo of me , this post is a long time coming but just have not had time and also did not no how to down load pics untill i saw post on sight tonight so am going to try to post pick ATB ye old stalker[img] did not work try some other time

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    Not the nicest of trips but a result all the same.
    Buck in the larder, feet up and reminise with a glass of your favourite malt.

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    well done Paul
    nice to see you are off the mark 8)
    glad to hear the dogs are okay and i hope training is still ongoing
    time to get with technology now and get a better camera on the phone
    take care and catch up soon

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    Re: First roe buck

    [quote=" that night it howled down with rain and blew a gale come 5 in the morning and the storm was still raging so went back to sleep woke about 7 [/quote]
    i know that feeling but normally followed with i dont think i bother
    well done

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