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Thread: S&B gets the "Boot" for Zeiss HT

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    S&B gets the "Boot" for Zeiss HT

    Well i've bit the bullet, expensive one at that! just made the switch over on my Scope to a New Zeiss HT 2.5-10x50. The S&B ironically also 2.5-10x50 has been a faithful servent since going on my rifle from new some 12 years back. I suppose like many others I have been swept'd up in the media hype with regards the current "Must" have illuminated scope syndrome. I'm sure i'm not alone, taking off the S&B i felt a real twinge of guilt, almost a sense of betrayel. On mounting the Zeiss in good day light, then looking through both scopes,no noticable difference! Haha if anything i prefered the familarity of the Owd S&B, then again supposed that is to be expected.

    However its the illumination that caught my attention and swayed my descion, aside from UK Deer Stalking, I hope to go to Europe again and possibly further afeild too Hunt/stalk Wild boar amongst other game.

    Anyone made a similar switch from a quality non illuminated for similar reasons, did the investment pay off in due course? Was there any occasion You belive your illuminated scope made the difference.The moneys been spent now,so no going back. Sad in reality the S&B un-likely to go on my rifle again, I shoot with a Sauer 202 and I have the two calibre barrels i belive cover all my forseeable needs, another rifle(rimmy aside) aside simply not required and could not justify it, work & family ties depict the number of days Hunting.

    Started the thread purely out of interest to hear other Folks experiances.

    Regards; Steve
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    I have both illuminated and non illiminated scopes (S&B and Zeiss and have had a Nightforce as well) and would not particularly say that I greatly value the illumination feature. In fact it hardle ever gets used in my hands

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    Recently got a second generation Swarovski Z6i for my .243 - lovely scope but don't really value the illumination, pointless really. The S&B non-illuminated on my .308 still a beauty and the equal in low light.

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    I have the S&B zenith illuminated on all my rifles - perfection is the word that comes to mind, they do what they say, and on the button for costs.

    No frills but quality from top to toe.

    Can't see me changing to Swarovski.


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    I have Swaro illuminated and non-illuminated scopes. The 8x56 with the illuminated dot is beneficial on Fallow at very first or last light. When the Fallow are dark coated and against a dark background it makes the difference between being able to place a shot with certainty or not. For me it makes the difference between one in the bag or a blank, in those particular circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Norm View Post
    When the Fallow are dark coated and against a dark background it makes the difference between being able to place a shot with certainty or not.
    +1 This is the reason why I am in the process of moving to a Zeiss Victory HT. The illumination can obviously be turned on and off to suit the conditions when a shot arises. RoeHunter

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    Thanks for the replys, on another thread i wrote of the difficulty on a recent trip to Poland on picking up the reticle against a wild boar in very poor light. That was the principle "driver" for going for illumination, Zeiss appearing a little better value for money then Swaro. Norm's comment on Fallow i'm sure will apply likewise on coming accross Sika at the death of the day. For me 1 clean kill of a Boar or Sika will represent a worthwhile investment, as to weather the same result would of occured with the S&B, that i guess ile never know the answer too!!
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    I have just bit the bullet too. from a S&B 3-12x42 from my .243 onto my .17 HMR to a new S$B 2.5-10x56 L3 Illuminated on my .243 no other choice in my book. For me there is only one good scope and that is SCHMIDT & BENDER to each there own.

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    I've found illumination essential when it's essential! Perhaps 95% of the time it's not used but it certainly has enabled me to take confident shots in those last few minutes and usually with the merest bit of illumination. I certainly wouldn't buy a deer scope sans light! All my centre fire scopes are Swarovskis but decided that for my new 6.5X55 I should try the Zeiss Victory HT. The first one was very "graunchy" with a reticle that wouldn't move through part of its travel, the replacement wouldn't hold zero so having lost confidence its back to Swarovski. I'm told that my experiences with the Vic HT are not unusual.

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    Thats a tad worrying Frog!!! Plump'd for Zeiss because of there reputation for quality!! The old S&B wont be going anywere until i'm 100% sure the new scope is bang on !!

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