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Thread: Pinkfeet flighting on East Coast.

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    Pinkfeet flighting on East Coast.

    Gentlemen, I'm looking for an oppotunity to say thankyou to a good friend and shooting Buddy by taking him out for a Pinkfoot or two - looking at the East Coast of England for a couple of days - foreshore, inland, under the moon - anything really - we are seasoned Wildfowlers and know the game well - does anyone know of anything available as I can't seem to find anyone offering anything.

    Thanks in advance - Dave

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    there are loads of geese about why not try for BASC permits with humber wildfowlers

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    Try Gedney Drove End WA ,Fenland WA or down in Norfolk Blakeney and District WC. Contact their Secretarys they will get you out one way or another.

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    Taking some guests out on Friday, i have more spots than guests you and your friend are most welcome to join us.
    P.M sent.
    All the best Trev.

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    eny time ur up in the moray firth drop me a pm and ur more than welcome to cum out for a shot at birds

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    Thankyou Gentlemen - there's some top blokes on here you know !!!

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