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Thread: Starlight Archer for sale.

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    Starlight Archer for sale.

    As it simply isn't being used, up for sale is my Starlight Archer GEN3 nightvision unit.

    This has a 'D' grade tube, with marks at 3 o'clock, 10 o'clock and some pepper, none of which obstruct your view.

    This unit can be used as a spotter or add-on and comes with 50mm lens, male and female bayonet fittings and two delrin eyepiece shims for your dayscope. A carry-case is also included.

    I've included a pic of the unit and one poor pic through the eyepiece, taken with my iPhone. The image was taken through a double-glazed unit on a dark night (don't recall the moon phase) and of course, without illumination.

    Price of the unit is 900, plus a tenner for RMSD postage.NOW SOLD, THANKS.

    Thanks for looking.

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